By hiring Fisher as your construction partner, you gain access to our sophisticated team of professionals. Our collaborative approach, attention to detail, and solid relationships with top-flight, financially stable subcontractors guarantee delivery of the highest-quality project.
The additional advantage: we're used to thinking on our feet. The majority of our work takes place in high-density urban core markets where unknown site conditions and limited access are the norm. Our projects require us to work strategically to find the most innovative and practical solutions.
Estimating + Budgeting

Estimating + Budgeting

Our team brings deep and diverse experience in engineering and project management to bear at the beginning of any project, utilizing schematics and CAD drawings to visualize, analyze, and realize the final product while collaborating with clients to establish benchmarks along the way.

Fisher prepares and communicates budgets throughout the process from schematic, design development and construction documents. With our success across projects, including new construction, remodels, core and shell, green building, historic restoration, and logistically complex urban core projects, and our award-winning expertise in retail, corporate interiors, educational and civic construction, we are confident that the plans and estimates our team provides are based on solid data and expert analysis.



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