SFO Wayfinding Enhancement Program

San Francisco International Airport

SFO continuously strives to improve the traveler’s experience at this world-class airport. That includes helping people to navigate its vast facility. Wayfinding is the industry term used for creating a holistic approach to enhancing the airport guest experience. In the case of the airport, that’s achieved by helping guests find their airport destination in a more intuitive, less stressful way. SFO selected Fisher to develop and manage its Wayfinding Enhancement Program. The Design/Build delivery model includes design and programming of the airport’s new wayfinding design standards.

Our team of design partners is truly world-class. City ID, a leading UK-based design firm is internationally known for designing seamless and intuitive urban wayfinding programs. Corgan, the project’s architecture firm, ranked among the top 5 in the U.S.,  has particular expertise in aviation architecture. Faith Group, well known in aviation circles, was our instrumental partner on the technical system and UK-based Billings Jackson Design led product development on the new wayfinding standards. And last but not least, airfield designers AERO Systems Engineering was integral to work we did on the airfield. After the programming effort was completed, Fisher managed the fabrication, construction and installation of the thousands of newly designed signs. The program is comprised of several discreet packages, including a campus-wide gate renumbering system, a 22’x11’ digital freeway sign, wayfinding signage at the new Grand Hyatt Airport Hotel and throughout Terminal 2. The programming and design phases require exceptional coordination with dozens of key stakeholders in order to ensure flawless execution.

Client / Owner

San Francisco International Airport




24 months (programming & construction)

Completion Date

December 2019



Market Sector


Project Type

Tenant Improvement

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